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Project Manager
Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

Provide overall management, administration and technical direction for one or more projects. Enforces company and project policies, main client interface and ensures project is constructed in accordance with design, budget and schedule through supervisors. Performs all functions and responsibilities in consonance with the company’s values and beliefs.
  Plan a construction project and prepare a construction schedule in conjunction with the Project Superintendent
  Coordinate with the Project Superintendent to get the project completed
  Process contract drawings and specifications and make ensure that the building is built in accordance with these documents
  Ensure that the contract drawings are the same as the estimate set of drawings
  Process changes received from the Architect including contacting the subcontractor for pricing, checking subcontractors’ quotations to ensure that they are complete and reasonable; and itemizing changes and presenting them to the Architect with confidence that the pricing is in accordance with the changes
  Meet with Owners and Architects in a professional manner and have the ability to communicate effectively both the concerns and best interests of the company
  Ensure payment in full for the contract price including all accumulative changes and credits, etc
  Prepare regular, timely and accurate billings for Owners, and ensure timely payment of subcontractor billings
  Monitor in conjunction with the Project Superintendent, a project’s material and labour costs and ensure accurate quality reporting is being conducted
  Have the ability to read, interpret, analyze and forecast a project’s cost reports and determine the status of the job in terms of schedule and costing
  Be aware of unit costs and monitor and compare daily progress on site with that of the project’s estimate in conjunction with the Project Superintendent
  Co-ordinate, manage and communicate with all subcontractors and effectively deal with problems such as delivery, labor, schedule and payment disputes
  Ensure that the project is in a positive cash flow position
Skills, Knowledge, Qualifications and Experience:
  Educational and experience requirements include engineering degree or equivalent combinations of technical training plus minimum 5 years of experience/knowledge of construction, design, finance and management required
  Must be able to apply innovative and effective management techniques to maximize employee performance
  Thorough understanding of corporate and industry practices, processes, standards etc. and their impact on project activities vital
  Superior communication and interpersonal skills essential
  Proficiency in computer system, MS Office and scheduling software necessary
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